Our Construction Process


Whether you’re interested in building a custom home from scratch or looking to renovate an existing space, by working with FoxwooD Custom Homes, you’re choosing luxury design and high-quality finishing. One of the key factors in delivering this quality to each of our projects is in our construction process.

With our 15+ years’ experience in the field, we’ve been able to hone our process into five steps: Consultation, Design & Planning, Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction. Using this system enables our team to better design a space to fit your needs, ensure high-quality materials and craftsman are available at the precise moment we need them and better predict problems in construction in advance — allowing us to either avoid or minimize disruptions and costs effectively.

Phase One


As with each of our projects, we begin with a complimentary in-home consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to develop an in-depth snapshot of the space you’re looking to create, the key functions you need the space to perform, and your budget for making your dream a reality. Once we’ve viewed your space (if applicable), we’ll then develop a detailed quotation document, including a preliminary project timeline and costing, to submit for your approval.

FoxwooD Custom Homes - Our Founder, Jason Fiorino
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Phase Two


After our initial quotation document has been approved, we then move into phase two of our construction process — Design & Planning. During this phase, you’ll work directly with our interior design team in order to design the particulars of your space, including blueprints and room sketches. Our engineering team will also work alongside the design team in order to ensure the structural integrity of your home at all times.

Phase Three


Once you love the design of your home, our construction team will then begin ordering supplies and obtaining the necessary permits to break ground on your home project. Another key activity in this phase of the construction process is to develop a detailed construction schedule for both our clients and for our craftsmen. This schedule will aid in clarifying timing for deliveries, key project milestones (like client viewings and inspections), and more.

FoxwooD Custom Homes - Our Step By Step Process
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Phase Four


Once we begin construction, our goal is to maintain high-quality workmanship at all times while minimizing the stress and impact on your personal life. Using only premium quality materials, our construction management team will be on-site daily to monitor progress and to assist our craftsmen, working diligently to create the space you’ve designed. We will also liaise with inspectors, any necessary contractors, and suppliers in order to keep our schedule and budget on track. Should any unforeseen issues occur during construction, we’ll work to effectively address the problem with as little disruption or costs — and as little stress —as possible.

Phase Five


Our favourite phase! By this stage of construction, your dream home is almost a reality and we couldn’t be more excited for you to see it. During post-construction, we’re working on the finishing details to ensure that you’re not only satisfied, but overjoyed, with your new space. This includes final punch-list items, site clean-up and a client walk-through to receive your final approval on all details of your home. If anything fails to meet your approval, we’ll work with our custom home building team to make it right so that you can enjoy your space as quickly as possible.

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